Urdu Academy of North America hosts mini-mushaera

Urdu Academy 5-21-2023 (17)Urdu Academy 5-21-2023 (32)a


By Abdus Satta Ghazali

The Urdu Academy of North America hosted a mini-mushaera on May 21, 2023. The event was held at the Chandni Restaurant. Jaafar Shah presided over the mushaera. Poetess, Dr. Maheen Adamson was MC or nazima of the mushaera.

Local poets participating in the mushaera were: Dr. Maheen Adamson, Habib Qazi Surab, Arshad Rashid, Irfan Ahmed, Hamid Kamal Narvi, Ahmar Shahwar, Salman Siddique and Tashie Zaheer. Here is a brief introduction of the participant local poets:

 Dr. Maheen Adamson is Associate Professor of neurologist at the Sanford University. She inherited interest in the Urdu literature from his late father.

Habib Qazi Surab, has been active in Urdu literary activities in the United Arab Emirates. He moved to SF Bay Area in 2015. Habib Qazi now serving as MC of Urdu Academy’s literary sessions.

Arshad Rashid is a senior member of the Urdu Academy. He is the main force behind the activities of Urdu Academy in SF Bay Area.

Dr. Hamid Kamal Narvi is from Allahabad. He has Master’s degree in Urdu as well as Vernacular degree of Mushni Fazil.  His collection of poetry has been published.

 Ahmar Shahwar, is a banker by profession. He is popularly known as a poet of Ahle Bait.

Salman Siddique is from Lahore Pakistan. His profession is teaching.  Salman Siddique is popular for his poems. He drove from Los Angeles to attend the mushaera.

The mushaera ended with a vote of thanks by Arshad Rashid. He particularly thanked entrepreneur Syed Sarwat for his facilities for making the event successful.

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