Urdu Academy of North America’s literary event of July 2021

The Urdu Academy of North America's monthly literary event was held on July 18, 2021.

Arshad Rashid a senior member of the Urdu Academy was MC of the event.

Kalam-e-Shaer ba-Zaban-e-Shaer was the title of the first session of the event where poets presented their own poetry to the audience.

The poets who participated in the first session included Syed Rehan Mansoor, Dr. Aifra Ahmad, Salma Siddique and Owais Jafery.

Syed Rehan Mansoor: A software professional who loves Urdu poetry and sometimes writes his own poetry, 

Dr. Aifra Ahmad: A medical doctor by profession and loves to write Urdu Poetry. She mainly writes nazams (poems).

Salma Siddique:  A prominent poet from Lahore Pakistan.  Teaches Urdu language in a university in California. Has published several poetry books.

Owais Jafery: A senior poet from Seattle, WA. Worked his whole life for the promotion of Urdu literature in America. 

In the second session the Urdu enthusiasts presented poetry of their choice:  Abdus Sattar Ghazali, Anjum Zishaan, Moiz Khan, Hatem Rani, Bano Vijaypura, and Zeba Rizvi.

Sulekha Chaudhuri and Asad Khan amused the audience with their melodious presentations

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Syed Rehan Mansoor

Syed Rehan Mansoor

Dr. Afra Ahmed

Dr.Afra Ahmed

Owais Jafery

Owais Jafery

Salman Siddiq

Salman Siddiq