Urdu Academy of North America presents Gul Haye Ranga Rang

The Urdu Academy of North America presented a literary event Gul Haye Ranga Rang on November 15, 2020.

Arshad Rashid, a senior member of the Urdu Academy was MC of the event via Zoom. Jigar Moradabadi

Arshad Rashid, who is also a poet himself, was of the view that we should promote young Urdu poets.

He began the  program presenting a ghazal of young poet from Pakistan, Imran Aami.

Shan Saigal and Mukesh Kackar recited ghazals another young poet from Pakistan, Ammar Iqbal.

Hatem Rani amused the audience with his presentation of Sahir Ludhyanvi’s poetry.

Abdus Sattar Ghazali presented a ghazal of Mustafa Zaidi.

Tasadduq Hussain Attari presented the poetry of Faraq Gorakhpuri.

Anjum Zeeshan thrilled the audience with her recitation of a popular ghazal of Jigar Moradabadi.

Moiz Khan and Zeba Rizvi presented ghazals of Majaaz Lakhnawi.

Zeba Rizvi was of the view that the seniors like to choose the poetry of prominent and classical poets of Urdu literature because seniors were exposed to their poetry from their early life.

Dr. Tahir Mahmood, in his unique style, recited a ghazal of Ahmed Faraz.

Qazi Habib, Sulaikha Chowdhury, Asad Khan, Manassa Depali and Surbh Kaul amused the audience with their melodious presentations.

Manassa Depali participated in the Urdu Academy program for the first time and drew wide applause.

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